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Many people pray-Question: if our praying got answered, how many lives besides ours would change? 

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How to have a life without fear or anxiety

How to have peace in life 1st., you need to know about a thing called "The Fruit" do you have it now and an abundance of it in your life? What is this fruit? its is love, peace, joy, goodness, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, self-control, patience  How do we get the fruit? I'll answer this in the next blog         

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Man Asks God why he allows evil in the world

A believer in Jesus Christ dies and enters heaven and ask God, "God, why did you allow  slavery, war, famine, disease, people hurting each other?"  God replies, "why did you allow it"  The Point being  We are our brother's keeper  Galatians We are to carry each other's burdens, in this way we fulfill the law of Christ Jesus

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