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Tough, Rugged & Versatile

Sarah Danser of Discovery Channel "Naked and Afraid" Reviews The T-200 Tactical Tomahawk

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Waldevir Junior Hand to Hand Combat Instructor Demonstrates the Prowess of the T-37 Tactical Fighter

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Knife, General Purpose

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HOME PAGE For COLONIAL KNIFE® Incorporated in 1926 Manufacturing Knives and Tools in The U.S.A. For 93 years


 107 Tactical Knife, One Of Several From The Ranger Series®


Military Issue Knife General Purpose Model 2205


Military Issue Marlin Spike Knife Model 1757

Shur-Snap oxygen tank key and one hand operation Switchblade Knife






Colonial Knife Corp® 9 decades under the control and management of the Paolantonio family is the longest running knife company in the United States still operated and manged by the same family, Colonial Knife Company incorporated in 1926 by Antonio Paolantonio and his two brothers Domenic and Fredrick, 93 years and 4 generations later, the company continues the tradition of quality knife and tool manufacturing. 
Why purchase the Colonial Knife brand? The primary purpose of a knife is to cut, crappy steel or exotic, makes no difference if not properly hardened. At Colonial Knife, we are methodical about blade hardness, our grandfathers understood the importance of hardening steel and how to achieve the proper Rockwell hardness, the measuring of the blade strength through hardening of the steel. Our standards require Colonial Knife to achieve 58-60 C hardness, over 60 C and the cutting edge is prone to chipping, under 58 C, and the blade won't hold it's edge. A proper blade Rockwell Hardness ensures the customer is receiving the very best in their knife. 

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