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Sarah Danser of Discovery Channel "Naked and Afraid" Reviews The T-200 Tactical Tomahawk

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Waldevir Junior Hand to Hand Combat Instructor Demonstrates the Prowess of the T-37 Tactical Fighter

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HOME PAGE For COLONIAL KNIFE® Incorporated in 1926 Manufacturing Knives and Tools in The U.S.A. For 9 Decades

Black FRIDAY & Cyber Monday Special OFFER package of 8 knives at 50% OFF 

2 pieces of 1757 marlin spike riggers knife, 1 CE-400; 3 coping knives; 2 sets of throwing knives 

Colonial Knife Corp® 9 decades under the control and management of the Paolantonio family is the longest running knife company in the United States still operated and manged by the same the same family, Colonial®  incorporated in 1926 by Antonio Paolantonio and his two brothers, 9 decades and 4 generations later, the company continues the tradition of quality knife and tool manufacturing. With a tradition of high-quality products, this American knife manufacturing company has been making history since 1926.

Colonial knife a division of Colonial Cutlery International, Inc.® has become aware of several former websites and domain names that are still posted on the internet despite our repeated attempts to remove them.

 this web site that you are viewing https://www.colonialknifecorp.com is the only official website for the purchase and warranty of Colonial®  products direct from the factory. 

We strongly recommend that our loyal customers only purchase quality Colonial Knife® products from https://www.colonialknifecorp.com or an official Colonial Knife® dealer.

Thank you for your support while we work to eliminate this issue.

Colonial Cutlery International, Inc.®



Welcome to our home page, we truly appreciate your business and hope this proves informative as well as enjoyable 

You don't actually own a Colonial knife, you merely hold onto it for the next generation -Tradition

Your PURCHASE satisfaction is GUARANTEED!  If you are not completely satisfied with a Colonial Knife® brand of product within the first 100 days, return it for a full refund. Warranty information- Lifetime Warranty covers defects in material and craftsmanship, misuse voids the warranty, proof of purchase or  warranty card required.  Colonial Knife® manufacturing pocket and sport knives in the United States since 1926 ,over 90 years earning the Colonial Knife Co.® a reputation for craftsmanship and excellence and commitment to customer service. The designs are unique, and valued by collectors. 


 All Colonial Knife® products are covered by our 100 day guarantee and lifetime warranty, proof of purchase or warranty card required! 

Colonial Knife® manufacturing Bush-craft knives; farrier multi tool,


 "Hunting, Everyday Carry, Outdoor, Tactical, Out The Front Switchblade, Industrial, E.D.C., Fishing, Bushcraft, Military, Law Enforcement, Rescue, Survival Kits, Flashlight, Knives, Knife, For Sale, Replacement Parts, Tools To Repair Your Knife," "Founded in 1926, Colonial® is an American brand that is dedicated to designing problem-solving, life-Saving Tools. Tactical Knife, Rescue Knife,Out Door Knife, Throwing Knife, Automatic Knife, Fixed Blade Knife- Free Shipping!"

"Hunting, Everyday Carry, Outdoor, Tactical, Industrial, Fishing"


107 Tactical Knife, One Of Several From The Ranger Series®


Military Issue Knife General Purpose Model 2205


Military Issue Marlin Spike Knife Model 1757

Oxygen Tank Key Plus Pocket Clip, Lanyard Hole, Switchblade

Model 102 



Out The Front, Model Cobra 

 Tactical Knife from the M-724 Military Issue Series, Mossy Oak Green Camouflage 

Colonial Knife®


Blade Show June 1-3,  2018 Atlanta, Ga. Colonial Booth No. 104 

Received my order, thank you all! Great products and will be buying again! Craig, Billings MT. 

Can’ t wait for my 2nd Colonial Knife especially after the great customer service experience I had with my first knife. Benjamin Row , CA

What differentiates Colonial Knife from the competition? The primary purpose of a knife is to cut, crappy steel or very high end exotic, makes no difference if not properly hardened. At Colonial Knife, we are methodical about blade hardness, we have learned in our 90 years the importance of Rockwell hardness, the measuring of the blade strength through hardening of the steel. Our standards require Colonial Knife to achieve 58-60 C hardness. Over 60 C and the cutting edge will be prone to chipping, under 58 C, and the blade won't hold the cutting edge and arduous to re-sharpen. Colonial continually monitors the blade Rockwell Hardness to ensure the customer is receiving the very best in their knife. 


Colonial Knife®, Official Product Sponsor to the Mount Washington Valley Ice Fest 


Colonial Knife®, 2018 Product Sponsor to Vice Fest



machetes; tactical flashlights; throwing knives; tomahawks; switchblades, Blackie Collins spring assisted designed "Quick Flick", marine industry and Multi-Tools and survival kits 

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