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Summer Special Inflation Fighter discount on Select items

The cost of everything is going up! Gas, food, medicine, interest rates- you name it-this hurts the working class-middle class-I see it daily when making a purchase for the necessity of life, America needs to stand together and help each other make it through what may become dark times, lets be the light! Throughout the summer, Colonial Knife-Cutlery will be offering on select items a 25% discount-this includes as always FREE shipping-I decided to call this the Summer Special Inflation Fighter discount. I'd love to hear your feedback

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What's going on?

I haven't blogged in a while and I apologize for that...its not something that comes natural to me, but what is on my mind has to do with spiritual warfare, something not of this world but effects us all, a battle for the human race. If I believe in right and wrong or another way of saying it, to beehive in good and evil, I choose good.

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