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Are switchblades illegal in Arizona?

What is Legal/Illegal in Arizona. Switchblades, gravity knives, Bowie knives, and stilettos are legal. It is legal for anyone over 21 to carry knives concealed. It is illegal to not inform a police officer when they stop you that you are carrying a concealed knife when the knife is not a pocket knife.

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Asking Customers What Think Of Their Purchase Of The New Colonial Out The Front Auto

You Asked if there was anything to improve on your (Colonial Knife) Out The Front....I would say your knife is as good as can be offered by any manufacturer. The handle design might seem like other makers, but this is because the shape is proven and comfortable. "If it ain't broke, don't break it" The blade material is ideal, 400 series steel is perfect for this application. If anything, possibly design a larger version. George A.

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Outdoor Retailer Product Review of the Colonial Knife® Military Issue Smoke Jumpers Knife

Are you looking for a product that can have not only collectible value, but also make a point? I present to you the Auto Series® M-724 with the National Stock Number 5110-00-526-8740 Knife, Rescue, Paratrooper Switchblade, considered a solid knife that you would expect from Colonial Knife Corp.®. We had the opportunity to review one of these knives, and like many tools of this nature, one has to hold the item, open it, and look over the features to get a real feel for it, This knife was no different, and it is an item a knife enthusiast would love to own. The M-724 Paratrooper Switchblade was designed for survival, evasion and escape, particularly for paratroopers in dangerous situations and behind enemy...

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