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I haven't blogged in a while and I apologize for that...its not something that comes natural to me, but what is on my mind has to do with spiritual warfare, something not of this world but effects us all, a battle for the human race. If I believe in right and wrong or another way of saying it, to beehive in good and evil, I choose good.

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Colonial Knife is once again a proud product sponsor to the Mount Washington Valley Ice Festival

Colonial Cutlery is once again a proud product sponsor to the Mount Washington Valley Ice Festival 30 YEARS AND COUNTING! Welcome to the Mount Washington Valley Ice Fest! Started by Rick Wilcox and Nick Yardley in 1993, the Mt. Washington Valley Ice Fest has been the premier ice climbing event in the northeast ever since. The founders were inspired by other events in the country which featured ice climbing clinics, slideshows, and of course beer and a fun community atmosphere (read: a big party of climbers). Now 30 years in, the party continues this upcoming February 3-5, 2023. This event is eagerly anticipated by ice climbers in the Eastern United States and is considered one of the premier climbing events...

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Blade magazine April 2022 Special Issue reviews the Colonial Pocket Size Survival Kit, "It's well Thought Out!"

"Blade magazine review of the Colonial Pocket Size Survival Kit states the kit is well thought out" Article written by Josh Wayner, April 2022 issue of Blade magazine      Prepping and survival equipment came to the forefront of public attention about 15 years ago, the public has taken a keen interest in survival and its tactics. Shows like Alone, Survivorman, Life Below Zero and others captured the interest of many, and bushcrafting, foraging and fieldcraft exploded in popularity. Suffice to say there is no shortage of specialized equipment to better your odds in a bad place.  SURVIVAL-KIT THEORY- the writer of the article "I would classify our trio of review kits as last ditch in that they contain a variety...

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