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listed below are states where automatic knives are legal to purchase,carry, and own.

However, additional states have made the purchasing, carry of and owning switchblades and automatic knives legal since this list was last published.

Each year the list of legal states increases, please check the law in your particular state


Arizona, Alaska 2013, Arkansas, Alabama  Mississippi Oregon, Oklahoma-2015  California is OK providing the blade is under 2-inches plus Connecticut  providing you have a valid hunting license or fishing license-The model 103 is perfect for these two states

South Dakota ,

North Dakota

Wyoming North Dakota Nevada-2015 , Nebraska, New Hampshire,, New Jersey, for lawful purpose such as hunting, New York, with valid hunting fishing or trapping license, North Carolina, model 735 Jumpmaster knife good candidate for these states 
Idaho, Indiana, Iowa Vermont-under 3-inches-perfect for the 104 Mossy Oak Orange Arkansas Rhode Island; Maine- as of October 2015.Massachusetts 1.5 inches or less, Maryland, Minnesota-for "collectors and or as "curios or antique, Mississippi, Missouri-2012, Montana (as part of a registered collection
Utah South Carolina Kansas 2013, & Kentucky, West Virginia & Wyoming,  Florida 

Georgia, Alabama,

Tennessee, Texas 

Maryland Delaware- possession requires a CCW
Georgia-2012 5-inch blade limit West Virginia North Carolina Arkansas