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Good Friday, the day Jesus Christ, an innocent man, died on a cross for you

Good Friday, the day an innocent man gave his life, for those that believe in him would have eternal life. What does eternal life mean? This world we are living in is temporary, as the saying goes when someone dies, it is said, "they passed away", passed away to where? It is either some place better or some place worse? What about the physical body? The physical body stops working due to sickness or wears out, the heart has only so many heart beats, the energy that makes our heart beat, where did that come from and where does it go when our physical bodies die? The energy that gives us life is our Spirit life force, where does this...

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U.S. Navy Pilot Survival Knife

U.S. Navy pilot survival knife issued 1941-1945 carried by U.S. Naval Aviators and U.S. Army Air Corp. The saw design on the pilot survival knife is for cutting through aircraft aluminum not wood. 

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