Sharpening, Refurbish Restoration

Sharpening, Refurbishing and Restoration

Complete restoration of you Colonial Knife®, Colonial Cutlery International, Inc.® product or C.K.C. knife® includes removing dings and dents on the blade surface by refurbishing with satin or scotch brite™ wheel. Any brass, stainless and wood are highly polished. The determination of cost depends on the amount of time required to remove dings and dents. A consultation for refurbishing is required, the cost of re-sharpening is included in the refurbish fee.


Sharpening for Kitchen Cutlery STRAIGHT EDGE ONLY $20.00

Sharpening for LAWN MOWER or CUTTING TABLE BLADE: $45.00

Complete Knife Refurbish: $25.00 to $100.00