About Us

What differentiates Colonial Knife from the competition? The primary purpose of a knife is to cut, crappy steel or very high end exotic, makes no difference if not properly hardened. At Colonial Knife, we are methodical about blade hardness, we have learned in our 90 years the importance of Rockwell hardness, the measuring of the blade strength through hardening of the steel. Our standards require Colonial Knife to achieve 58-60 C hardness. Over 60 C and the cutting edge will be prone to chipping, under 58 C, and the blade won't hold the cutting edge and arduous to re-sharpen. Colonial continually monitors the blade Rockwell Hardness to ensure the customer is receiving the very best in their knife. 

Brands Manufactured and Trade Marked by Colonial during the last 90 years of being Americas number one supplier of knives

Old Cutler; Hurricane; Solder-Tec; Mark Twain; Cub Hunter; Coyote; Longhorn; Buckskin; The Stag; Swiss Master; Anvil; Saf T Jac; Slim Jim; Bantam; Pic-Nic-Pal; Top Value; Ambassador; Fish Master; Cub Hunter: Ranger; Master; Forest-Master; Mark 1; Bushcraft Knife; Storm; Back-country knives

Colonial Knife Corp, a USA Knife Company since 1926

A division of Colonial Cutlery International, Inc. U.S.A.


 Your PURCHASE satisfaction is GUARANTEED! Colonial Knife, manufactures of pocket and sport knives in the United States since 1926 ,over 90 years earning the Colonial Knife Co. a reputation for craftsmanship and excellence and commitment to customer service second to none. The designs are unique, and valued by collectors. Should you not be completely satisfied by your purchase of our product, return it for a full refund, GUARANTEED!

When the Paolantonio brothers founded Colonial Knife and created its first pocket knife in 1926, the three knew it was destined to become an industry standard. Today, Colonial is proud to manufacture the highest quality in precision cutlery--quality that can only come from nearly a century of knife making experience. That’s why Colonial is able to offer a lifetime warranty on all its products. Today, Colonial continues to push the industry to its manufacturing boundaries. Through the use of innovative technologies and breakthrough metal research, Colonial Knife thrives in the outdoor products industry; a feat which requires a powerful position along with creative thinking. It’s the perfect confluence of art and science-the kind of performance you’ll find at Colonial, and the type of ”pushing the envelope“ that has made Colonial an industry leader.

Adapting to Thrive: 90 Years of Excellence in Manufacturing

Colonial Knife manufactures, military knives, Bushcraft knives using 154CM steel, fire/rescue and marine/sailors knives plus,farrier tools, Electrician knives, hunters and rock and ice climbing knives. Colonial Knife Corp also engineered the automatic knife, switch blade, military collector’s knife-Mark 1 navy deck knife, paratrooper knife, marlin spike knives and the Roper Knives™, assisted opening Quick Flick Knives™, known as Cowboy Up™ knives, Tuckerman Ravine Knives™ and the J Hook Rescue Tool, or J knife, are made for the professional. Colonial also manufactures the MC-1 Survival Pocket Knife. All Colonial knives come with a life time warranty against defects in material and craftsmanship New for 2016 Licensed Mossy Oak camo patterns


The Paolantonio Brothers

Colonial Knife was incorporated in 1926 by the Paolantonio brothers; Antonio, Domenic, Fredrick . Prior to the three brothers forming Colonial Knife, they each worked in other occupations which would hone their skills as manufactures and businessmen.

Antonio: upon returning from the First World War where he served as black smith with the U.S. Cavalry he started the A. Paolantonio Cutlery Company where he began making knives for the jewelry industry.

Domenic: worked for the Empire Knife Company, Meridian CT, as a foreman.

Fredrick: worked for the Imperial Knife Company, Providence, Rhode Island as a department head.

The brothers proved they had the skills needed to achieve success. Antonio handling the sales, Domenic the finances and Frederick the manufacturing process. The 20’s and 30’s would prove to be difficult times, but with hard work and determination, the brothers would overcome all obstacles.


When the Second World War broke out, Colonial Knife was engaged in the production of the famous Mark 1 Navy Deck Knife and the Navy Pilot Survival Knife along with a variety of military jack knives. During the, war Antonio served on the war production board in Washington D.C where he oversaw the allocation of steel to the cutlery industry.

 Colonial Knife under construction 1930



During the next 70 years, Colonial Knife grew and began adding new products. The 1950’s inspired such brand names as the Sure Snap (auto knife) along with the Cub Hunter and Rin Tin Tin series and other well know styles of knives that would earn the Colonial brand a reputation as “a boy’s first knife”.The 1970’s saw the introduction of a number of better quality brands for Colonial such as the Ranger series, Master Brand, Swiss Master, andOld Cutler series. Each of these new series helped to increase demand for the Colonial brand throughout the United States.
The 1980’s and 90’s brought a new type of business to Colonial, the “private label” customer. These include Smith & Wesson, Colt, Winchester, John Russell Barlow and the riders of the silver screen with such names as Tom Mix, Roy Rogers, Hop along Cassidy, Daniel Boone, Elvis Presley, commemorative knives and Ultra Blade series and the Sharp brand (K-mart). 


The Beginning of CCI, Colonial Cutlery International

In 2001, some of the employees of the former Colonial Knife started Colonial Cutlery international (CCI) and began manufacturing the M-724 Switchblades and the J-316 for the military. This new interest in the Colonial brand led to additional customers such as the Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of the U.S.A, Cooper Tools, Stanley Works, Ideal Industries, and the General Service Administration (G.S.A.)., Lawn Sports and Outdoor Recreation 

In 2002, CCI registered the Colonial Knife brand as a division of Colonial Cutlery International, Inc. Today, the Colonial Cutlery International, Inc. brand is the imported line of knives and tools while the U.S.A.- made products fall under the Colonial Knife brand.Together, two great brands under one roof.