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Colonial Knife Company, Inc. 1926

The Paolantonio brothers came to the United States from Italy prior to 1912. They already had experience at making knives when they came to this country from on of the most famous knife producing cities in the world, Frosolone, Italy. The brothers, Frederick, Dominic and Antonio worked for the Empire Knife Company of Winsted, Ct. for a few years. The brothers all left Empire and separately formed four separate knife companies between 1914 and 1926. Finally in 1926, the brothers united to form Colonial Knife Company, located at 9 Calendar Street in Providence, Rhode Island. The business thrived and they moved to 287 Oak Street, a block from the railroad depot which would benefit easy shipping of their products across the county. 

Shown below is Trade-Mark filing for one of the many trade-marks of the Colonial Knife Company, Inc. with the United States of America Trade-Mark Office. "This is to Certify that by the records of the United States Patent Office it appears that Colonial Knife Company, Inc. of Providence, Rhode Island, did, on the 15th day of April, 1939, duly file in said office an application for Registration of a certain TRADE-MARK" 

Some of the popular trade marks for Colonial Knife Company include

Forest Master, SHUR-SNAP, Ranger, Old Cutler, Topper, Anvil, Snappy,

Swiss Master, Master Series, Sport Topper fish knife, Cub Hunter, Sporty,

Kitchen Aid to name a few.




Colonial Cutlery International, In

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Colonial Knife collectors knives, a division of Colonial Cutlery International, Inc.


Our Mission:

 Colonial Knife manufactures the toughest Knives Tools and Flashlights.