Blackie Collins,made in USA Blackie Collins was an American knifemaker who designed and popularized the first assisted opening knife mechanism

Assisted Open Knives and Speed Assist Knife ;Your PURCHASE satisfaction is GUARANTEED! Colonial Knife, manufactures of pocket and sport knives in the United States since 1926 ,over 90 years earning the Colonial Knife Co. a reputation for craftsmanship and excellence and commitment to customer service second to none. The designs are unique, and valued by collectors. Should you not be completely satisfied by your purchase of our product, return it for a full refund, GUARANTEED!

The Colonial / Blackie Collins Collaboration

One of Blackie’s Last Designs Becomes a Reality

Opening is Fast and positive. They sell for an extremely reasonable suggested retail of $90.00, which offers the user a heck of a value for a design that employs quality American manufacturing , top-grade materials and the talents of a famed knife maker- A true collectible- Tactical Knives magazine, January 2014

Colonial Knife Co. first introduced a new automatic knife for U.S. military issue in 2006, a solid, simple design that took full advantage of modern materials in its construction. The military loved it, but Colonial’s Steven Paolantonio always felt that the knife had more potential in the commercial marketplace. What it needed, he felt, was the keen eye of an expert designer.
*Cutlery Hall-of Famer Walter “Blackie” Collins left his mark on the cutlery world long before he left us in July of 2011, but his ideas are still reaching fruition almost two years after his death. -Highlighted in Blade Barrel Bezel 


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