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Asking Customers What Think Of Their Purchase Of The New Colonial Out The Front Auto

You Asked if there was anything to improve on your (Colonial Knife) Out The Front....I would say your knife is as good as can be offered by any manufacturer. The handle design might seem like other makers, but this is because the shape is proven and comfortable. "If it ain't broke, don't break it" The blade material is ideal, 400 series steel is perfect for this application. If anything, possibly design a larger version. George A.

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Texas Knife Law Reform Bill Passed by the House Bill HB1935

The Texas State Senate now has the bill, HB1935 before them. Passed by the Texas House, although somewhat anticlimactic Director of Legislative Affairs, Todd Rahtner, has been in Austin for a week working with the Texas State Senate to ensure that any bill that emerged would still be an advance forward for Texas knife owners. HB 1935, as amended now eliminates daggers. dirks, stilettos, poniards, spears, swords and Bowie knives from the Texas statue, effectively allowing them to be carried anywhere in the state.  In order to get the bill moved, the amendment stipulates that knives with blades over 5.5-inches are now defined as "location restricted" knives. Meaning that except for schools, federal buildings, correctional facilities, colleges, houses of worship,...

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