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Colonial's Seaworthy knives

Collectors Corner   Colonial‘s Seaworthy Knives by LeRoy Thompson, Tactical Knives magazine   The classic U.S. Navy Sailor’s Knife, along with the Civilian Rigger’s knife get reborn and ready to set sail! Most of us who are interested in the history of knives are probably somewhat familiar with thetraditional Sailor’s Folding Knife, which generally has a sheepsfoot blade and a folding marlinspike. I seem to remember seeing a photograph of a civil war sailor’s knife that incorporatedthe marlin spike. I have also seen photographs of fixed blade sailor’s sheath knives with a marlinspike that folded into the handle. The U.S. Navy contract for the style of Sailor’s Marlin SpikeFolding Knife most familiar to me dates from 1910. Early examples seem to have been...

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