Tactical and Military Knives

"FREE KNIFE WITH PURCHASE" ,Your PURCHASE satisfaction is GUARANTEED! Colonial Knife, manufactures of pocket and sport knives in the United States since 1926 ,over 90 years earning the Colonial Knife Co. a reputation for craftsmanship and excellence and commitment to customer service second to none. The designs are unique, and valued by collectors. Should you not be completely satisfied by your purchase of our product, return it for a full refund, GUARANTEED!
Colonial Knife has been a trusted United States manufacturer of military knives since 1926. Our complete line of tactical and military knives is championed by military personnel and knife collectors alike! From the Mark 1 Navy Deck Knife used by thousands of sailors in the 1940s to the M-724 Paratrooper Switchblade now issued in  all military aircraft ejection seat survival kits, Colonial has been outfitting the US Military with the best in tactical and military knives for decades.