Mark 1 deck knife U.S.N.
Mark 1 deck knife U.S.N.


Mark 1 deck knife U.S.N.


Mark 1 deck knife U.S.N.


Mark 1 deck knife U.S.N.


Mark 1 deck knife U.S.N.


Mark 1 deck knife U.S.N.


Mark 1 deck knife U.S.N.


Colonial Knife

Mark 1 deck knife U.S.N.

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Mark 1 Navy knife

U.S. Navy MARK 1 Knife Department of Defense photo 80-G-273685

National Archives

Underwater Demolition team at work, recovery of a UDT swimmer, using a rubber raft towed alongside a powerboat. Note swimmer's life belt, Mark 1 sheath knife, and other equipment. Photo released 31 Aug. 1945. It may have been taken during the Balikpapan operation early that July

Mark 1 

U.S. Navy General Purpose Deck Knife

Colonial Knife Corporation is manufacturing the Mark 1 U.S. Navy general purpose deck knife and using the same process and materials as during WWII. The Colonial Mark 1 general-purpose deck knife has a black polymer molded handle trademarked as Tenite™, this is the exact handle material used on the WWII U.S. Navy Mark 1 knife, another unique feature is the non-reflective Parkerized coating on the blade it is the same exact coating as used on the Colonial Knife WWII Mark 1 Navy Knife, the blade is high carbon steel 1075, the same blade steel as the WWII U.S. Navy Mark 1 general-purpose deck knife. The sheath for the U.S. Navy Mark 1 is manufactured in Dedham, Massachusetts, U.S.A. and made from high-grade natural leather embossed with U.S.N. 

 In the early days, sailors would carry sheathed knives that they brought from home. In 1941, the U.S. Navy decided that a standard knife should be given to each sailor. Colonial Knife was commissioned by the U.S. Government to make hundreds of thousands of Mark 1 U.S. Navy Deck Knives with a molded handle.
The Colonial Knife Mark 1 U.S Navy knife, designed as a general-purpose deck knife is not just for the collector or the reenactor but for everyone looking for the perfect carry knife, weighing only  4.7 ounces, the size and well-balanced weight makes this a comfortable everyday carry, the blade, sharp right out of the package is a high carbon 1075 steel, blade Rockwell hardness is between 58-60 C, the same material and Rockwell hardness as required by the Department of Defense (D.O.D.)  during WWII, the D.O.D. also required the Mark 1 knives to have a non-reflective finish called Parkerized with a High Carbon steel, High Carbon Steel stays sharp longer with the minimum effort to restore the edge, the Department of Defense required the blade to have Parkerized coating because the powder coating used on today's blades was not yet invented, PLEASE keep in mind that, unlike stainless steel, high carbon will rust, the parkerized coating was used only to ensure the blade did not reflect, the Parkerized coating does not offer rustproofing, depending on the use of the blade, it may require a lite coating of oil, blade length of the Colonial Mark 1 is 5 1/8-inches, the overall length is 10-1/4-inches.


  • Overall length: 10 5/4-inches
  • Blade length: 5 1/8-inches
  • Blade thickness: .125
  • Handle Material: Molded Tenite™
  • Weight: 4 .7-ounces
  • Blade Finish: Parkerized non-reflective
  • Blade material: 1075 High carbon Steel
  • Sheath. Manufactured in Dedham, Ma. U.S.A.
  • Mark 1 U.S. Navy general purpose deck knife manufactured in  Rhode Island U.S.A.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • packaged either in a wood presentation box or paper box

 Colonial Mark 1, a knife you can depend on in addition to being an essential part of any serious collection, Colonial Mark 1 is the ideal all-purpose knife for survival, hunting, camping, and other outdoor sports and adventures.  

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