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Cutlery Gift Guide, CKC knives by Knives Illustrated

Colonial, “The knives That Helped Build America, is back, and innovation is a hallmark of thecompany, resurrected by President Steve Paolantonio, a descendent of those who founded thecompany in 1926. Take a look at the Solder‐Tec. It looks like a multi‐tool and was based on thatformat. The handles are familiar, but there the similarity to other plier tools ends. Crafted withthe collaboration of Stanley Works and General Electric, it is designed for technicians who workon circuit boards. Interchangeable components include various probes, files, scrapers, tinyspatulas and other accessories for those working on tiny electrical devices. Retail $145. There isalso the Tuckerman, with a blade made of MIM (Molded Injection Metal) technology., In thiscase, its’ made of powdered 6A and in...

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Make Mine Automatic

By Tim Stetzer, Tactical Knives Magazine, January 2014Blackie Collins Signature SeriesAutos and Keychain blades that continue the legacy of a lost craftsmanColonial Knife has a long history of producing both commercial and military knives. It has had greatsuccess with its M‐724 autos, which are essentially updated MC‐1 parachute knives that Colonialrevamped with modern materials and construction techniques. As popular as the knives were with themilitary, Colonial’s Steve Paolantonio knew there was more potential in the design for the commercialmarket. He just needed the touch of an expert designer to bring it the next level.Fast‐forward to 2011 and a fortuitous meeting with renowned knife‐designer Walter “Blackie” Collinsduring a popular East Coast knife show. Steve and Blackie hit it off, and along...

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Affordable Knives, family Tradition

By Mike Haskew , Blade magazine, field editorWhen Steve Paolantonio joined Colonial® he came back from a three‐year hiatus. Seems times were changing in the knife industry, and apositive response to fresh ideas would lay the foundation to futuresuccess.His family’s roots in knife manufacturing go back almost a century. Hisgrandfather, Antonio Paolantonio started the A. Paolantonio Cutlery in1919 after a stint in the U.S. Army during WWI, where he learned theblacksmith trade with the cavalry. Antonio recognized the blend oftradition and foresight that would ensure the future success of a newenterprise.Founded by Steve’s grandfather and his two brothers in 1926, ColonialKnife® had been operated by three generations of the Paolantoniofamily. By the late 1990’s, Steve was the company president.“The time...

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