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Pocket Size Survival Kit

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Stay warm and dry and you can survival long enough until rescuers arrive. The Colonial wilderness/urban survival kits provide the user with the basic necessities to stay alive. Fire will prove to be a critical element due to its ability to provide warmth, light and a cozy atmosphere that calms the mind and helps prevent fear. Water, shelter, food are all possible with the Colonial wilderness-urban survival kit. Non-cumbersome the goal being light weight and small enough that the user will never feel weighted down, as can happen with many of the “go bags” and “Dooms day preppers” kits -too much stuff that the user decides to leave the kit behind, not so with the Colonial® kit, weighs less than one ounce-theory being, the "you know what" will hit the fan when you least expect it; on the golf course, traveling between airports, on business or just doing your regular routine-the "you know what" will happen when you’re least prepared, Murphy’s law states this, your go bag will be at another location when you need it most-hence the Colonial Survival kit, small enough to fit into your dress shirt pocket or jean trouser pocket-a truly ready to go, no silliness, survival kit, designed to get you the time you need to get through a few difficult day and night situations-to stay alive long enough until help can arrive.


Basic Kit

  • Whistle
  • Waterproof Matches
  • Pocket knife, 2 blade
  • Aluminum foil. Legs are broken in a crash, your not going very far, you use the foil to cook your grubs and other insects you find while crawling on the ground, insects are easier to palate when cooked.
  • Compass
  • Rope 3” , perhaps you need to move your campfire, poor choice of location, you didn’t know, this is your first time surviving, light the end of the rope, it will burn for a while to allow you to relocate your camp fire-save your matches!
  • Plastic bag your kit came in. Holds water and becomes a cup

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