Switchblade Laws, Bills before the house to make legal

Are Switchblades Legal In Louisiana? 
The only banned knife in Louisiana are switchblades. However, if you are a law enforcement officer, you might be able to get an automatic opening knife because there is an exemption for “rescue knives” in the law. Any knife is legal for open or concealed carry as long as it is not a switchblade.
Knife Rights has been working hard with the Cutlery industry and state Legislatures to reverse the law in each state to allowing the use, carry and ownership of switchblade knives (automatics) , each month another state is added tot he list of "LEGAL to own Switchblade knives" we are updating the list accordingly to list the newly legal states, 
California-blade length, not to exceed 2-inches -Ameba 104
Colorado-bill to make legal before the house
Connecticut--blade length not to exceed 2-inches
Delaware-legal to own, but to carry must have permit
District of Columbia-Prohibited
Illinois-legal with valid hunting or fishing license 
Massachusetts bill is in the house waiting to be voted on
New Jersey-legal to but, own but not be carried concealed 
New Mexico-Prohibited
New York-city of Manhattan NO WAY, everywhere else in NY, legal 
Pennsylvania-OK to own, but not to carry concealed
Vermont-legal if blade length is under 2-inch 
Washington-bill is before the house to be voted on to make legal
Wisconsin-OK to own but must not be concealed carry without permit
The states listed above are prohibited, unless you have a military I.D., government I.D., Law Enforcement I.D., Rescue Personnel I.D. , States NOT listed are legal for possession, non concealed carry and sale.