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What differentiates Colonial from the competition? The primary purpose of a knife is to cut, if its crappy steel or very high end exotic, makes no difference if its not properly hardened.   At Colonial, we are methodical about blade hardness, we have learned in our 90 plus years the importance of Rockwell hardness, the measuring of the blade strength through hardening of the steel. Our standards require Colonial to achieve a blade Rockwell of all our cutting tools and knives at a constant 58-60 C. Over 60 C, and the cutting edge will be prone to chipping, under 58 C, and the blade won't hold a cutting edge and arduous to re-sharpen, Colonial continually monitors the blade
Rockwell hardness to ensure the customer is receiving the very best in their knife.  


Welcome to our home page, we truly appreciate your business and hope this proves informative as well as enjoyable, Place your order for any knife, flashlights survival kit and receive a promotional FREE KNIFE with each purchase

Better Business Bureau A+ rating 

You don't actually own a Colonial knife, you merely hold onto it for the next generation -Tradition

Your PURCHASE satisfaction is GUARANTEED! Colonial Knife, manufactures of pocket and sport knives in the United States since 1926 ,over 90 years earning the Colonial Knife Co. a reputation for craftsmanship and excellence and commitment to customer service second to none. The designs are unique, and valued by collectors. Should you not be completely satisfied with your purchase of our product, return it for a full refund, GUARANTEED!

 Colonial Knife Corp is one of the oldest knife companies in the USA. With a tradition of high-quality products, this American knife manufacturing company has been making history since 1926.  All Colonial Knife products are covered by our legendary LIFETIME guarantee! Better Business Bureau Accredited!

Colonial Knife manufactures Navy knives, Bushcraft knives; farrier multi tool, machetes; flashlights; throwing knives; tomahawks; switchblades, Blackie Collins spring assisted designed "Quick Flick" and switchblade (automatic) knives, marine industry knives yard sport knives. In 2014, Colonial Knife introduced, wilderness and urban survival kits plus lawn sports and outdoor recreation sports.

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