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Tactical Knife Model 114 Switchblade knife from the Ranger Series

Switchblade knife, made in America, also commonly known as an "Automatic Knife" this particular Switchblade, model 114 Mossy Oak Green, with its non-slip texture frame manufactured of nearly indestructible polymer offering the strength of aircraft aluminum without the weight. ATS-34 blade steel, tip-down carry, lanyard hole accommodates 550 military parachute cord.

The opening of the blade is fast and positive. Design of handle by Adam Smith of the Rhode Island School of Design (R.I.S.D.)  and prototype at Brown University, blade designed by the legendary Cutlery Hall of Fame Walter "Blackie" Collins, offer the user a heck of a value for a design that employ quality American manufacturing, top-grade materials and the talents of a famed knife maker. 

History of the Colonial Automatic Knives-Shur Snap™, Snappy™, Jiffy™ & Pronto™ brands, 1940 through 1958

The Paolantonio brothers came to the United States from Italy prior to 1912. They already had experience at making knives when they came to this country from Frosolone, Itlay. The brothers, Frederick, Dominick, and Anthony worked for the Empire Knife Company of Winsted, CT for a few years. The Brothers all left Empire and separately formed four separate knife companies between 1914 and 1926. Finally, in 1926 the brothers united to form Colonial Knife Company, located at 9 Calendar St. Providence, Rhode Island. The business thrived and they moved to 287 Oak St. and have been manufacturing knives there until 1999 when Colonial moved once more to 61 Dewey Ave, Warwick, Rhode Island, in 2018 we moved our manufacturing facility and offices. The new company office is now located at 606 Ten Rod Road, North Kingstown, Rhode Island Colonial Knife Company manufactured five basic models of switchblades in the 1940s and 1950s. They were one of only two U.S. Companies who were still manufacturing them on a large scale in 1958 when Congress banned interstate commerce and manufacturing for the purpose of interstate commerce, of the knives. How’s that for irony? The two companies in the nation who still manufactured switchblades on a large scale, could still legally make them, but could only sell them in the state where they were manufactured and both companies were located in Rhode Island!

Many of the antique American switchblades have acquired colorful nicknames over the years. Some of my favorites are the ones associated with the Colonial switchblade. In the following list of knives, I have included the length closed, tang stamp and nicknames in parenthesis. The eight basic patterns of switchblade knives Colonial produced were as follows:

Handle length: 4.25-inches
weight: 1 ounce
blade length: 2.75-inch
Collectible rating: HIGH  

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