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  • We stand behind our product 100%, you purchase or products and your not satisfied we want you to return it and get your money back, should the customer want the item but not satisfied with the item they received, let us know, call ; text; e-mail; yell out your window, but give us a chance to make it right. As my grandfather and one of the founders of Colonial Knife, Antonio Paolantonio once told me, it is the customer that pays your salary not me, so treat every customer with respect, without customers there would be no Colonial Knife- with that, I'd like to say again, that is your not satisfied with your purchase you may return the item for a full refund, we would like to know why your not satisfied, knowing why a customer isn't happy allows up to reflect upon how how and what we are doing and we can we improve whether it be customer service, quality control, whatever it may be, the customer that is happy is a wonderful thing for a business but its the disgruntled customer that points out where the bad performance happened, all  I ask is that this, if your happy with Colonial Knife and love your knife tell everyone, especially on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube,  Pintrest , and everywhere else, you would be surprised by how many of happy satisfied Colonial Knife customers we have that seldom tell anyone of the pleasant and satisfying experience with Colonial Knife and how much they love their Colonial Knife. Why? human nature I guess- But a disgruntled customer they can't wait to get on social media and rant about how unhappy they are about their experience-Why? Don't know. Regardless, we here at Colonial Knife value our customer and appreciate your business, if we do something wrong or you don;t like the product, PLEASE give us chance to make it right. Now, what won't honor in our warranty? We will honor the warranty when someone finds the knife is the trash or buys it already broken from flea market or second junk store, the warranty is designed to give the buyer of our product confidence that their purchase will be supported by quality craftsmanship and materials, should either fail, we will fix or repair the item. I hope this this helps to clear things up regarding our warranty policy.

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  • Larry Strickland

    I have pocket knife that has broken blade, how to send it in for repair or replacement ?

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