Vintage Knives 1970's

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  • James Butz

    I recently acquired a knife from a friend who said he’s found it in a barn inside an old tackle box. After an hour or so I had searched several websites looking to see who made the knife, all I can make out is the colo at the base of the knife blade. After several guesses I came upon your website. The knife is old but the shield on the handle gave it away once is seen it on one if your pictures. Not wanting to sell it just wanting to know the date and approximately what it worth. It has two blades about 5 inches a piece. One is a knife blade the other is a fish scaling blade with a hook remover on the end of it. The handle appears to be resin of some sort. It appears camoflauged, until looking closer when I realized after cleaning it than it appears to be metal shavings among other things. Is be happy to hear from you and share photos of it. Thank you for your time. Sincerely K. James Butz

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