The Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade Show S.H.O.T. 2017 updated

Assorted automatics, knives with replaceable blades, cool multi tools, axes and hawks, bushcraft knives, kukris, throwing knives and just about everything that cuts, sticks, hacks, whacks and sharpens inundated the annual Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade (SHOT) show in Las Vegas January 17-20

Moreover, a number of industry members showcased some buyouts of, or partnering with related companies 

New autos-both conventional and out the front (OTF) models-continue to proliferate. The continuation of the auto trend owes much of its existence to the ongoing common-sense knife legislation efforts of the American Knife & Tool Institute and Knife Rights, making autos either legal or less punishable by law in states across the country. In fact, autos are legal in 30 states and either allowed with some limitations or a weapons carry license in 10 other states.

The 2017 SHOT show may go down as "the acquisition-and-partnership show" with several companies making their first SHOT show appearances under new corporate umbrellas.

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