Schrade Knife Repair -Lets Clear the Air Colonial Knife® and Schrade Knives

 Lets Clear the Air regarding Colonial Knife® and Schrade Knives, we only honor the warranty on the Colonial Knife® brand of Knives and Tools

         Nearly 18 years after Schrade Knives went out of business, we still receive calls from Schrade Knife owners asking how and where to send their Schrade knives for repair. Colonial Knife® does not work on Schrade knives and never have, we do honor and repair our own brand of Colonial Knives. 
           At the time Schrade Knives closed their doors for good, their dealers, many of whom also carried the Colonial Knife® brand of knives, found themselves unable to assist their loyal customers as they returned their Schrade knife for the warranty-repair-replacement once offered by the Schrade Knife company and we at Colonial Knife® knowing many of these dealers-owners personally, thought we would help them out by supplying the Colonial Knife® brand of Old Cutler® knives in-place of the Schrade Old Timer and Uncle Henry brand since the Colonial Knife brand of Old Cutler  is very similar in design and quality to Schrade Old Timer and Uncle Henry Brand.
        The Schrade name and their brands along with inventory was sold at auction to Alvin Taylor of Taylor Made Brands, who also owned the licensing for Smith & Wesson Brand knives, found himself being overwhelmed with  the defective Schrade knives being returned for warranty and hearing that we at Colonial Knife® brand had been working with the knife dealers that also carried the Schrade brand, decided to post online that "Colonial will repair and honor the Schrade warranty", not exactly true, we contacted Alvin Taylor and he agreed to remove the post from the internet but never actually did and so it remains out there in the world wide web for all Schrade owners to read.
       Colonial Knife® does not honor the warranty of other knife companies, we do have an Authorized Repair Center- Bill Deshives Cutlery that will repair all brands especially vintage Colonial Knife® Brand switchblades.  


  • richard M mccants

    Is the Arizona switch blade one of your products? I have one that has stopped working. If it is I would like to send it to you to be fixed.

  • The End Of The Small Blade On My Sons Charade Knife Broke Off, Now I Had To Read That Ya All Don't Fix The Charade Knives Tell Someplace We Live In South Haven Kansas 67140

    I just wrote you a message in the top box, my Sons charade knife ,the blade broke on it so please do tell where we can get it fixed please Vickie mccroan

  • Richard Menasian

    Does anyone know where I can get my Schrade Knife repaired?

  • michael petty

    I really like your hatchets and knives


    I have a old 7-0t that part of the old spring mechanism is broken. Can you direct me to who might do the repair? It was my dad knife.

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