Product Reviews, by Kyle Macnall Surplus Today magazine Nov. 2016

  Deck Knives with molded handle. article printed in Surplus Today,November 2016

Don't let the word reproduction fool you, this is still a very solid and useful knife. It is not just for show. The blade is just over five inches, and the whole knife is just over 10.5-inches. The blade is quite sharp right out of the package, The molded handle is made of a hard rubber making for a nice grip. Included with the knife is a leather sheath with belt loop.

With the size and well-balanced weight, it makes a perfect survival knife. I took it with me on a recent camping trip. First I used the knife to remove small branches from logs before splitting. I then used it to chop some slightly larger branches (around two inches in diameter) down to 18-24 inch sections to fit into a fire. The knife worked well as well as a small hatchet for these purposes.

After chopping wood, I was worried the blade may become dull,. However, next I used it to cut rope for a clothes line and to hang tarps. the blade maintained its edge well and easily cut right through the rope. Last I was able to quickly sharpen a stick for hot dogs or marshmallows very easily with the knife.

At an M.S.R.P. of only $120.00 for the Mark 1 U.S. Navy Deck knife reproduction, your customers can own a piece of history for a fraction of the cost of an original. This is a perfect knife for any outdoors man, bushcrafter or survivalist. 


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