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5110-00-526-8740 Knife, rescue

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  • Jeff Kirby

    I purchased two of the M-724 knives a year ago. My brother was so impressed with them that he ordered several for his son’s.
    The pros to them are the light weight, bright orange color, coil spring mechanism, positive button/safety catch And rust proof great steel.
    Being retired Leo/fire fighter I used automatic knives during my career.
    In the past I had otf knives and leaf spring knives to fail due to spring failure and not opening completely.
    When you press the button on the M-724 the coil spring will keep pressure on the blade until it is fully opened. In the event of spring failure (which I have never had with these knives) you can manually open them unlike an otf. In an emergency this is very important!
    I can’t say enough about the customer service either, when the owner of an over 100 year old company does follow ups himself that says a lot!
    If you have anyone that you care about I highly recommend that you purchase them the M-724!
    I just purchased two more for my family!

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