Outdoor Retailer Product Review of the Colonial Knife® Military Issue Smoke Jumpers Knife

Are you looking for a product that can have not only collectible value, but also make a point? I present to you the Auto Series® M-724 with the National Stock Number 5110-00-526-8740 Knife, Rescue, Paratrooper Switchblade, considered a solid knife that you would expect from Colonial Knife Corp.®. We had the opportunity to review one of these knives, and like many tools of this nature, one has to hold the item, open it, and look over the features to get a real feel for it, This knife was no different, and it is an item a knife enthusiast would love to own.

The M-724 Paratrooper Switchblade was designed for survival, evasion and escape, particularly for paratroopers in dangerous situations and behind enemy lines. This no-frills knife is a precise tool with a quality blade and a secondary hooked blade. Designed to cut parachute shrouds during self-rescue situations. The knife is currently being issued for all  military aircraft survival kits, the U.S. Forest Service Smoke Jumpers as well as the military paratroopers in both the United States and in the N.A.T.O. countries. 

The knife, folded, is 4.5-inches long and approximately 3/4-inches wide, weighs 1-ounce, and holds a 3-inch blade in addition to the hooked rescue blade. The handle is solid, strong and indestructible textured plastic, though not heavy. MOLLE-compatible, the knife is a push-button,with the blade locking into position once opened and also comes with a lock for extra redundancy to keeping the blade from accidentally closing. 

The knife is a switchblade rather than an assisted opening knife, so local and regional laws should be taken into consideration regarding the purchase and sale of the knife. The switchblade mechanism has a powerful spring to it. You will want to hang onto the knife when you first open it, and keep an eye on customers that wish to handle the knife. The curved secondary blade is manual, unlike the primary blade.

The blade is razor sharp and made of 440-A series stainless steel with the blade Rockwell hardness of 68 C. 

The knife we reviewed came with a rescue orange handle, but it also comes in black for Law Enforcement, mossy oak pink or mossy oak green and white along with olive drab also known as O.D. green. Depending on the individual knife, the blade may come with a black Parkerized finish in either non-serrated or 1/2 serrated cutting edge. The knife we received came in its own small cardboard box with the care instructions inside, and a printed history of the Auto Series®.  Additional Auto Tools® include the Auto Marlin Spike for riggers, the Auto Hook for firefighters, police and EMT personnel, and the Auto Shackle for sailors. 

MSRP for the Auto-Series®M-724 Paratrooper Switchblade is $120.00, it has a lifetime warranty, and it is a quality tool to offer for customers that are veterans and those looking for authentic military switchblade. Colonial Knife Corp.® , a division of Colonial Cutlery International, Inc.® U.S.A.


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