Knife Industry Battles U.S. Customs

Knife Industry Battles U.S. Customs, if your interested in folding knives of any kind, this action has the potential to affect you in a direct and significant way. 1) Customs' proposed definition of a 'switchblade knife" is so vague that it could and surely would be interpreted to include any knife that can be opener with one hand, or shaken open with any amount of force. 2) The definitions within the Federal Switchblade Act form the basis for many of our national, state and local laws and judicial rulings that concern folding knives. 3) the most recent sales figures indicate that approximately 80% of sporting knife sales are of assisted opening and one-hand opening folding knives. 

Since the enactment of the Federal Switchblade Act in 1958, the definition of a switchblade or automatic knife has been clear and explicit. As recently as August of 2008, Customs ruled that the switchblade act does NOT apply to assisted opening knives, and court cases in California, Texas, Illinois and Michigan have reached the same conclusion.

The Federal Switchblade Act of 1958 was enacted in the wake of Hollywood's depiction of switchblades as weapons of gang members and other violent youth.

The upside-making assisted opening knives in the United States would circumnavigate the U.S. Customs' ruling, since the ruling would only apply to the importing of assisted opening. 

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