Good Friday, the day Jesus Christ, an innocent man, died on a cross for you

Good Friday, the day an innocent man gave his life, for those that believe in him would have eternal life. What does eternal life mean? This world we are living in is temporary, as the saying goes when someone dies, it is said, "they passed away", passed away to where? It is either some place better or some place worse? What about the physical body? The physical body stops working due to sickness or wears out, the heart has only so many heart beats, the energy that makes our heart beat, where did that come from and where does it go when our physical bodies die? The energy that gives us life is our Spirit life force, where does this life force/Spirit go when our physical body dies? it goes either to someplace better or some place worse- positive or negative, right or wrong, good or evil, there can not be one without the other, Heaven or hell. Want to go to Heaven? What determines your qualification for being able to enter Heaven upon your death? Being a good person? Who determines your goodness? YOU? If  a person could enter Heaven based upon doing good, who or what determines the amount of good needed to enter Heaven? Does a little good get you into Heaven? The phrase  "there is no free ride" certainly applies to entering into Heaven. The white lie, the bad thoughts, pride, greed, the seven deadly sins which we all take part in, are the sins that keep us from passing to Heaven, why? The seven deadly sins we commit while in our physical bodies has to be addressed, we will all be accountable for our actions, it is part of the right and wrong, good and evil, up and down, negative and positive, it's how the universe works, Jesus said, the blood that I shed  will pay for the sins that YOU committed-those white lies, the greed we felt, jealousy, pride, etc. all you have to do is accept me as your "personal savior", that's it!  Faith in-believing in what you have not seen-that is faith, having faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus and accepting Jesus the Christ as your personal savior is your only means of entering into heaven, believing, having the faith that Jesus Christ died for YOUR sins, is al that is required, why would an innocent man suffer the intentional torture followed by a horrible death, what would be the point? What do you have to loose by accepting Jesus as your personal savior? If he isn't the savior then you lost nothing, but if don't accept him as your personal savior and He actually is? WOW, won't that be a sorry day, it cost nothing to accept Jesus as your savior,  do it today, just say "Jesus, I accept you as my personal savior, that your death on the cross Paid in Full all my sins" 

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