Colonial Knife Adds Arkansas Wet Stone To The Product Line

Colonial Knife, has added the Arkansas Wet stone to their product line of knives, tools and flashlights. The Arkansas Wet stone, used for sharpening blades and returning dull cutting edges back to razor honed sharpness. The Arkansas Wet stone introduced by Colonial Knife can be ordered under the model number J-316. This Arkansas wet stone is truly an Arkansas stone, from the quarries located in Hot Spring County, Arkansas, and is 100 percent novaculite. Novaculite is a rock that has been used for thousands of years by indigenous people to sharpen tools, novaculite is a unique rock found in the Oucahita Mountains of Arkansas. The J-316 Arkansas wet stone comes with a leather carry case, dimensions of the stone are 3-inches x 1-inch x 1/4-inch with a grit of 240, this J-316 Arkansas Wet Stone is a "Soft Arkansas Wet Stone" ,perfect for sharpening any knife blade.

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