Blade magazine April 2022 Special Issue reviews the Colonial Pocket Size Survival Kit, "It's well Thought Out!"

"Blade magazine review of the Colonial Pocket Size Survival Kit states the kit is well thought out"

Article written by Josh Wayner, April 2022 issue of Blade magazine 


Prepping and survival equipment came to the forefront of public attention about 15 years ago, the public has taken a keen interest in survival and its tactics. Shows like Alone, Survivorman, Life Below Zero and others captured the interest of many, and bushcrafting, foraging and fieldcraft exploded in popularity. Suffice to say there is no shortage of specialized equipment to better your odds in a bad place. 

SURVIVAL-KIT THEORY- the writer of the article "I would classify our trio of review kits as last ditch in that they contain a variety of small items not meant for extended use but rather as a single-day advantage. The items can save your life in a pinch.

YOUR SITUATION- making it through a situation into which you may or many not have intentionally entered, say a kayak tipping over in the river after hitting an underwater tree. You being a forward thinker, slipped the Colonial Pocket Size Survival Kit into the dry bag you stowed in your kayak before you fell in. You're wet, and you don't have the rest of your gear. You're in normal temperate conditions, but nightfall will be cold. To make matters worse, your kayak has cracked and has taken on water. 

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