Cutlery Gift Guide, CKC knives by Knives Illustrated

Colonial, “The knives That Helped Build America, is back, and innovation is a hallmark of the
company, resurrected by President Steve Paolantonio, a descendent of those who founded the
company in 1926. Take a look at the Solder‐Tec. It looks like a multi‐tool and was based on that
format. The handles are familiar, but there the similarity to other plier tools ends. Crafted with
the collaboration of Stanley Works and General Electric, it is designed for technicians who work
on circuit boards. Interchangeable components include various probes, files, scrapers, tiny
spatulas and other accessories for those working on tiny electrical devices. Retail $145. There is
also the Tuckerman, with a blade made of MIM (Molded Injection Metal) technology., In this
case, its’ made of powdered 6A and in the prototype supplied for this article had the concave
opening notch made in the shape of the typographical lines of Tuckerman’s Ravine in New
Hampshire. This is their first venture into true 3D knife making. Retail $1,200. The Hurricane
deck knife was developed, during the New York Yacht Club Rolex regatta, as a deck sailor’s
knife. They turned the little‐used marlinspike tip into a fuel cap/water‐holding tank tool while
incorporating a large shackle key. There is also a turnbuckle key, very necessary in boating and
yachting. A hook on the back of the knife is designed as a shroud cutter. The frame is like that
on Colonial’s switchblade knife, used by military forces in Britain and elsewhere. Retail is 69.99
Take a look too at the M‐724 switchblade knife, with ATS34 stainless steel blades, a 3‐inch
cutting blade, and a hook blade for paratroopers. Retail is also $69.99. The B‐2 Barlow has
stainless steel blades and natural‐wood scales, which will change color with use .Retail $80. The
B‐5 Barlow has 440 blades and light fiber‐reinforced Nylon resin handles, at only $24.99

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