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Throwing Knives

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Throwing Knives

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Knife Throwing Gains In Popularity as a pastime, sport


"Throwing Knives by Colonial Knife® Model 151 Precision Made" and nothing feels better than launching the Colonial Knife® Model 151 throwing knife toward a 12-inch bulls-eye as it firmly sticks right in the middle. Knife throwing with the Colonial Knife® 151 is as much of an art as it is a hobby and has become the new "Yard Sport for 2018". Knife throwing requires concentration, practice, and skill that will develop hand and eye coordination. While you can throw any knife at a target, it won't live up to the wear and tear as the Colonial Knife® Model 151 is designed to do or provide the precision and accuracy of the Colonial Knife ®151 throwing knife designed specifically designed for the task.
The Proper Throwing Grip
The manner in which the Colonial Knife® Model 151 is held is paramount for accuracy, efficiency, and safety. The handle should be firmly held or seated, in the palm of the throwing hand and the handle should be securely gripped with the fingers wrapped around the handle, gripping the opposite flat side.
Knife throwing gains popularity as pastime, sport. Scoring is similar to darts. Players aim at a wooden board painted with a bull's-eye and ring corresponding to different point values. 
Throwing Knife Set
Each Set Of Two Comes With Heavy Duty Nylon Carry Case
Overall Length: 8.5-inch long
Blade Steel: 440-A Cutlery Grade Stainless Steel
Blade Rockwell Hardness: 57-C
Weight Per Blade: 3.2-Ounce each
Laser Holes In Handle Allow For Cord Wrap
Blade Thickness: .080 thick
To prevent blade edge chipping the edges are not sharpened 
Perfectly Balanced 
Develop Focus, Strength, Balance, Accuracy, Confidence, Genesis 
Model 151 
Sport Knife A.K.A. Throwing Knife 
Country of origin: China

All-Season Fun!

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