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Colonial Knife

Switchblade Knife

$ 120.00

Switchblade Knife

Everyday Carry, Self Defense In A Purse, A Switchblade Designed For Women

Blade Length 2.75-inch

Handle Length 4-inch

Weight 1-Ounce

Switchblade knives A.K.A. "Self Defense In A Purse"

The fact is that women today need to more prepared to defend themselves than ever before. Ours is no longer a society that escorts women to the door. It is a society in which women expect and deserve the right to walk safety from point A to Point B. Until the rest of the world understands that women and men share the same right to be safe, it will have to cope with the women who refuse to be victimized. Every women should be prepared for the-defense in a purse.

A women who finds herself in a position to defend herself should use every item at her disposal, even if it wasn't meant to be a weapon. A swinging purse may not cause extensive damage, but it will give the assailant a reason to pause for a moment, maybe the crucial moment. A specialty defense item doesn't have to look harmful. In fact, the most effective weapons don't look like self-defense items at all,and the 114 Pink Mossy Oak Switchblade is one of those. Good Looking, cutting tool, that may just save your life.


Designed at the Rhode Island School of Design (R.I.S.D.) and  designed at Brown University,award winning  blade designed by Walter "Blackie" Collins Cutlery Hall of Fame award recipient. Designed to be lightweight, practical with a contemporary look. On display at the R.I.S.D. Museum art and culture center, Providence, Rhode Island through December 12th, 2016.   This is truly an everyday carry (E.D.C.)  for those that need a practical non-nonsense knife for work and recreation. Collectible rating very good. It's been said, "you don't actually own a Colonial Knife, you merely hold onto it for the next generation"-TRADITION 

*Nonslip Patented  Traction Grip Handle 

*Indestructible Handle

*Pocket Clip

* Lanyard Hole fits 550 parachute cord

*Push Button Opening

*Locks Open or Closed

*Weight 1-ounce

*Made In Warwick, Rhode Island, U.S.A.

*Lifetime Warranty