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Colonial Knife

5110 00 162 2205 Knife, General Purpose Scout knife, Master SeriesⓇ

$ 35.00

5110-00-162-2205    Knife, General Purpose National Stock Number N.A.T.O. (European Countries) that purchase  this NATIONAL STOCK NUMBER: Estonia , France & the United States

How is this National Stock Number 5110-00-162-2205 categorized? A general purpose item equipped with more than one blade. It shall be possible to open any of the blades with the remaining blades open or closed. A free rotating clevis attached.

National Stock Number 5110 00 162 2205 Knife, General Purpose  

 Tool Type
Pen knife blade and medium flat tip screwdriver and bottle opener and can opener

Cage Code 3NZR

Originally designed for U.S. Troops heading to Europe during the First World War, the 2205 "Scout Knife" adopted by the Boy Scouts after World War One and copied by the Swiss Army is still a mainstay in the U.S. Military 

FREE SHIPPING on Scout knives , this is the original Scout Knife also known as the general purpose knife adopted by the Boy Scouts after World War 1 and has been the mainstay for scouting ever since. Issued to Dough Boys (American Soldiers) during the First World War and continues to be the primary issue for all Military Occupation Specialties M.O.S. ever since. 


5110-00-162-2205  Knife, multi-tool general purpose model 2205

"E.D.C. every day carry" pocket knife

Specification for Scout knife, military issue 

  • National Stock Number 5110-00-162-2205
  • Bottle opener
  • can opener
  • main blade, clip point
  • belt punch/awl
  • screw driver
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • weight: 1 ounce
  • Blade material: 440 series stainless steel
  • Checkered pattern handle (Scales)
  • Solid pin construction
  • warranty: lifetime
  • country of origin: United States 
  • carry shackle-bail 
    • Body: Dear Colonial Knife,I received my model 2205  Scout Knife today in the mail, and I am impressed! I purchased these as souvenirs of a trip I made to Normandy this year to locate my grandmother's brother's grave, he was killed in action August 27, 1944. He carried this type of Scout Knife when he was killed, which had come down to me, so I thought a Scout Knife that has the year marked for this year would be an appropriate souvenir. I will display one of the Scout Knives along with his Scout knife.The second Scout Knife I will carry. I think that the adjustments made to the Mil-k 818 Scout Knife and your 2205 Scout Knife version are in fact pretty nice improvements. The shorter slightly narrower screwdriver allows for a straight blade that fits standard Phillips head screws as well as slotted head AND unlike some other versions of Scout Knives out there, you guys ground the tip to fit standard screws! It is also nice to have proper spring tension on a Scout Knife, especially one that is so clearly a real workhorse, thanks for paying attention to details.I had a Forest Master Scout Knife and one of your Boy Scout of America Knife as a kid (still have it around here somewhere) and an Old Cutler Barlow Scout Knife that I carried for years. It is nice to have the opportunity to have a Colonial knife Scout Knife riding in my pocket again. Many Thanks, Richard Rosenthal



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