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BUSHCRAFT Knives, CE-100 Blade Length 4.25-inch

Colonial Knife

BUSHCRAFT Knives, CE-100 Blade Length 4.25-inch

$ 200.00

 limited production model 001 to 600

  1. The military, forest service and many outdoor guides select the CE-100 E.T.A.G. as their primary carry.  It Sports a sharp edge and designed slim and sleek,a blade that stows easily, and with the Colonial Knife Patented Quick Release Clip, removing your CE-100 is fast and easy, no need to unbuckle to belt, the Quick Release Clip with one push to the underside of the clip, releases instantly and attaches just as fast. Great for jobs that don't require a chainsaw - The Nemesis is the foe of any thing that stands in your way. A lively utility blade with a tactical profile that makes it almost disappear on your side but stays handy for when you need it. Trim handle design makes the blade nimble to control yet there are plenty of open contours that make it easy to use with gloves on.

    Colonial Knife has teamed up with Custom knife maker and outdoor author Abe Elias to deliver the E.T.A.G. Bush-craft knife. Tactical utility knives that are solid work horses to meet the needs of military people, bush-craft professionals and survival instructors. To get a tactical appeal doesn't mean you have to give up the slightest piece of working advantage! This model Bush-craft CE-100 designed to work hard, but not hard on the user 

     1 of 600 individually engraved



  • Overall length: 8 1/2”
  • Blade Rockwell: 59 C
  • Thickness of Blade: 3/16-inch
  • Blade material: 154 CM
  • Weight: 16-ounce
  • handle material: G-10

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