Switchblade Legal States Sept. 1, 2018

As of September 1, 2015 Alphabetical listings of state where civilian possession of switchblades/automatic knives are legal with any limitations noted.

Concealed Carry also legal

States where Knife Rights has enacted Knife Law Preemption are in Bold with Date

States where Knife RIghts has enacted Repeal of Switchblades Bans are in Italics with Date or (Enactment Date)


Alaska* 2013

Arizona*2010 (First in nation)


California* (under 2 inches)

Connecticut* (with a valid hunting or fishing license OR 1.5 inches and under)

Delaware* (possession require CCW)

Florida* (Concealed with CCW)

Georgia* 2012 (5-inch carry limit on all knives)

Idaho* (vague limitations on concealed carry, but definitely with CCW)


Iowa*(concealed with CCW)



Maine 2015 (October 15th)

Massachusetts * (1.5 inches or less)


Minnesota (for "collectors" and/or as "curios or antiques")


Missouri 2012

Montana (as part of "registered collection")


Nevada 2015

New Hampshire* 2010 Repeal (First in the nation) and 2011 Preemption

New Jersey (for "lawful purpose" including specifically "hunting" ,but no sales)

New York (with valid hunting, fishing or trapping license, but no sales)

North Carolina

North Dakota

Oklahoma* 2015 (Repeal was of the carry ban, possession was already legal) & Preemption (November 1st.)

Oregon* (concealed with CCE)

Rhode Island* (Concealed must be 3-inches or less)

South Carolina*

South Dakota*

Tennessee* 2013 Preemption 2014 AUTOS

Texas* (concealed with CCW) 2013 Autos 2015 Preemption

Utah* (concealed with CCW) 2011

Vermont* (under 3 inches)

West Virginia


39 total

28 with no restrictions

10 by Knife Rights since 2010