The pen is mightier than the sword, and we agree. Our most valued marketing asset comes from the endorsements and testimonials from our customers. They are what validate our products integrity to any and all that read them. They are the best form of praise as well as a valuable and validating reference. What our customers pen down in writing is truly mightier than any advertisement sword thrust into the market.

You don't actually own a Colonial Knife, you merely hold onto it for the next generation-


What Our Customers Say
Hi Steve,
I received my model 2205 military scout knives today in the mail, and I am impressed! I purchased these as souvenirs of a trip I made to Normandy this year to locate my grandmother's brother's grave, he was killed in action August 27, 1944. He carried a scout knife when he was killed, which had come down to me, so I thought a scout knife that was year marked for this year would be an appropriate souvenir. I will display one of the knives along with his scout knife.
The second knife I will carry. I think that the adjustments made to the Mil-k 818 in your 2205 version are in fact pretty nice improvements. The shorter slightly narrower screwdriver allows for a straight blade that fits standard phillips head screws as well as slotted head AND unlike some other versions out there, you guys ground the tip to fit standard screws! It is also nice to have proper spring tension on a knife, especially one that is so clearly a real workhorse, thanks for paying attention to details.
I had a Forest Master as a kid (still have it around here somewhere) and an Old Cutler Barlow that I carried for years. It is nice to have the opportunity to have a Colonial knife riding in my pocket again.
Many Thanks,
Richard Rosenthal


Nice talking you you yesterday regarding my father and his Forest Master knife. Like I told you, he passed away in 1965. I found his knife after his passing. We were close as I was growing and I kept what I could find that belonged to him. I still have several of the items and value them greatly. Last November, after using the Forest Master for all these years, I felt it was time to "retire" the knife and leave it for future generations. I wrote a brief history of the knife and sealed it in a plastic bag. This knife had been used for just about everything. The last major job it had was peeling bark off of branches that I made and sold walking sticks.
I have owned many, many knives. The one I valued the most was dad's Forest Master. It's design and feel was perfect for my use. It was the most comfortable knife I owned. By the way, the knife is worn, but, still works great after all these years...true quality. After all, it is over 50 years old!!!
Your offer to send me a "newer" model is greatly appreciated. I don't know what I'll do with it, yet. I'm deciding whether to use it, on a daily basis, or place it with dad's knife with a note about it and Colonial showing that it, truly, cares about the customer's opinion.
Let me know what you think would be the best. Thank you again for contacting me about this. I just wish she Colonial still made the "traditional" Forest Master. It is far better than the modern knives I've used over the years.
Thank you, once more for your company's thoughtfulness and generosity.
Peter Everett, Morrisville, VT 
Hello. I just received my great grandfathers pocket knife. A colonial 06 prov. R.1. I would love to have some information on it if at all possible. Thanks Michael lynn, Sept. 2016
Cross blade rescue tool review Sept. 6, 2016
A serious escape tool, unlike the toy ones for sale elsewhere, identical to the tactical aircraft escape tool I purchased in 1985. Made of aluminum, fits the hand well and doubles as a threatening weapon. Could save one’s; life or someone else’s
Gabor D, Chino, CA
Hi Steve:                            
Sorry, I have been confusing about this.  I sent you guys an older (Ive had it for a while now, but only used it for rafting and such) red colonial rescue knife with a silver plain edge blade (the whole knife - model 580 I think is what its called, sorry if Im confusing the model with the blade type) – I was wanting to have the ‘safety’ blade swapped to something else like a tanto, the safety blade has outlived its usefulness to me, as I don’t raft or canoe much anymore.  I don’t need the blade back, just the knife with a new tanto.  Does that make sense?  Ive attached a picture of what I sent you, but mine had a silver blade not black.
Ill take a hat, etc., thank you.
My shipping address:
Joe Quattro, Sept. 2016
Sent your knife today, a black handle with tanto blade
Hi I have one of your knives, I think it's very rare as I have looked everywhere for the exact knife and can't seem to find one? I have a picture but can't attach it. Thank you
Craig Mills, United Kingdom  August 2016
I would certainly love to see an image of your Colonial Knife®
Colonial has a global presence, however not every retailer carries the exact item. If you can find a way to send me the image, I’ll put your in contact with store that currently sells it.
Best regards,
Steve P
Colonial Knife®


"I received one of your M-724 rescue knives (black) for my birthday in October, I love the knife and use at work all the time."
Paul Amonett - Mogadore, Ohio July 2016

"Dear Colonial,
A dear friend recently gave me a knife he had had since a little boy. It’s a small two-blade, ivory colored knife with the word "Keep Em Flying" imprinted. I was hoping you might tell me the age and possibly its history. Many thanks and thanks for making the wonderful knives for the Boy Scouts and the U.S. Army Paratroopers. I was both.
Best wishes"
Bob MacKenzie - Tumwater, WA 2016

"Thanks for repairing it. Excellent knife. Good work, yall. "
Jesse Wentworth - Maiden Rock, WI

"I purchased a Colonial product (marlin spike) Dec. 2010 and was so pleased with it I ordered another one in Feb. 2011. "
Derry Kitchens - Ohio

"High quality products,- I’ve used the tat cutter numerous times to cut off the clothes of patients in my ER. Works great, faster and smaller than scissors. "
S.A. Kent - Ft. Lewis, WA

"Swiss Master-always carry it, always will-it’s one great knife."
Steve Ra - Los Angeles, CA
"I love that my Colonial Knife can take me from the top of a climb to the campsite. I can easily cut webbing or rope to make an anchor and cut cheese and veggies at the campsite at night."
Andrew Bennett - Boston,MA
"Dear Steven,
Received, thanks for your excellent service and for all your help.
Thank you, we keep in touch
Un cordial saludo/Best Regards "

Gaspar Pérez Daza
Serving Major Ports of Mexico
"I am a full time firefighter and use knives multiple times daily. After researching your US made products, I plan to purchase one (or more) of your knives in the very near future. I was wondering if the glass breaker on the 505 Rescue Hook is available on the 550 Ranger. From the pictures that I have seen, they appear to be the same handle configuration. Because I use my knives for multiple purposes, I would love to add the convenience of a glass breaker to the versatility of the 550 Ranger (serrated if possible). If you were to add an oxygen wrench cutout to the handle, it would turn the 550 into a nearly perfect First Responder knife. Thanks for making such great products. I would love to hear your thoughts. Sincerely,"
David W - Rochester, MN
"Dear Colonial knife,
Thank you for your prompt reply to my email concerning the U.S. Navy Mark 1 Combat Utility knife I purchased.
Your company’s idea to reproduce this knife was great. It’s a well-designed knife and your reproduction affords us the opportunity to enjoy a bit of history.

Richard E. Raschke
Martinez, CA USA
"Dear Colonial Knife Company,
31 Oct. 03
My name is SPC Thomas R. Marrs. I am a rifleman with the 1st. of the 327th infantry Brigade of the 101st. Airborne Division air assault. I’m currently deployed in Northern Iraq and just recently purchased your WWII Mark 1 Navy Deck knife. I’m writing you to tell you what a valuable asset it has been to my combat equipment. Your knife has proved itself time and again in combat and in everyday use and truly lives up to its name as a combat utility knife.
I look forward to using this knife every day and more than once it has pulled me out of a bind and just know that your great knife is serving again 50 years later in the arid deserts of Iraq and is performing wonderfully.
Thanks again guys and thanks for letting a little piece of history hang at my side during this war on terrorism."

SPC Thomas Marrs
101st. Airborne Division, Northern Iraq
"Dear Steve,
I wanted to let you knife know how impressed I was during our meeting on April 1st. 2004. Not only were you able to provide me with a lot of information about Colonial Knife and its history, but you also listened to what our needs were, here at Stanley Works-Jensen. I really appreciate you looking into the specialty knife we were interested in. It is so great to have a supplier who still takes pride in their craft and can deliver high quality products on time, every time! I look forward to taking you up on your custom product design abilities again in the near future."

Edward Denney, e-business solutions, Product Manager
The Stanley Works, Specialty Tool Division


"I love this knife ( Ameba Model 200). I have been using it for fixing baseball batting cage nets. It’s the best and fastest way to cut cord because you don’t have to worry about accidently stabbing yourself. It’s great and I recommend it."
Jeff S. - New London, CT

"Still manufactured under the TL-29 specifications for the U.S. government tool kits, cool tool with a historic past! I recommend this (E-2 Electrical knife)."
J. Concord - Mexico City, Mexico

"Excellent utility (E-2 Electrical) knife. Can stand rough treatment, Blade and screwdriver are good for most Utility knife jobs. "
John K. - Madison, AL

"Carry on your key chain - 5 STARS - This (Tat Cutter) is thick and solid. To get the best performance you need a lanyard or other kind of handle grip. Take my advice; put this on your keying in between two large keys. The ability to hold he keys as a handle while pulling with the hook dramatically increases the power of the cut. I can cut through vines easily, safely open boxes, and easily rip through sheets of plastic rubber or leather. For those who don’t know, this knife is sharpened flat against the stone on the side where the stone touches the edge of the blade. I almost had an accident with this. I ALMOST cut the cord to my IPod headphones when I had my keys and IPod in the same pocket. Aside for things like that, you pretty much can’t hurt yourself with it if you carry it properly. I didn’t think I’d like this much as I do. " 

Ann - Texas

"I’ve carried this knife (E-1 Electrical knife) off and on for a year. It’s an excellent knife, holds an edge, doesn’t wobble, stainless steel blade is easy to keep clean. I strongly recommend it! " 

Suzanne - Kittery, ME

So I finally did some research and it turns out i have carried one of your knives on my belt for years. It has made trips to Afghanistan and is currently on its way home from Iraq -looking a little worse for wear.

The pocket knife was my fathers and I received it from him a decade ago, finally decided to google the company,( has the coyote stamp) and realized it was one of your knives.

My question is can I send in a knife that is probably 25-30 years old for a refit, and generally how much does that run?  I will be back in US in two weeks and would love to refurbish this knife.   Thanks, and thanks for a truly durable product.

Brian Scannell

When you say 100 % satisfied you mean it! I will highly recommend ckc to my family and friends. Thank you. You just made me a customer for life. I surely will be ordering your fine products again. You have a great day.

Roger Wozny