Marlin Spike Knife National Stock Number 5110-00-530-1757
Marlin Spike Knife National Stock Number 5110-00-530-1757
Marlin Spike Knife National Stock Number 5110-00-530-1757
Marlin Spike Knife National Stock Number 5110-00-530-1757

Colonial Knife

Marlin Spike Knife National Stock Number 5110-00-530-1757

$ 65.00

5110-00-530-1757 Rigger's splicing-style, the folding-type knife has a high-grade stainless steel blade with nail grooves for easy opening and a keen cutting edge for cutting through every type of sailcloth, running rigging, and other material found aboard a ship or on land. When the U.S. Navy first introduced this knife in the First World War, they knew what sailors, those at sea, and landlocked needed. The heavy-duty knife has a 3-7/16" cutting blade, newer government issue marlin spike knives now have a half-serrated blade designed to "Never Dull"  guaranteeing the user a blade that never needs resharpening. This Military Issue Marlin Spike Knife with the half serrated edge has hardened cutlery stainless steel, molded chip bone brown scales, stainless steel forged locking marlin spike, this study classic style, circumnavigated the globe for decades carried by generations of Navy Men and Women; the National Stock Number is 5110-00-530-1757 is still in circulation with the U.S. Military and N.A.T.O. countries. The dependable quality that has gone into this masterpiece "1757 Military Issue Marlin Spike" since the early days of the Great War when the first of its kind, the Royal Navy's Dreadnought made such a strong impression on people's minds when launched in 1906 that similar battleships built subsequently were referred to generically as "dreadnoughts", and earlier battleships became known as "pre-dreadnoughts" and the knife the sailors carried while serving on the dreadnoughts is still issued today, the Marlin Spike Knife National Stock Number 5110-00-530-1757. 



Every Marlin Spike Knife 5110-00-530-1757 has the year of manufacture stamped into the blade along with being individually serialized 



Dear Colonial Knife,                             
I was looking around a Coast Guard Facebook post the other day and saw a reference to the COLONIAL KNIFE USN RIGGER’S knife. As a young kid in the CG, I used my 1757 Marlin Spike continually doing all sorts of jobs the duty officer assigned to me and I had forgotten about that knife and the Marlin Spike, until now, so I purchased the 1757 Marlin Spike. It arrived today! Wow, it sure brings back memories. It looks to be a very high-quality knife for the money, and one I am sure I will use well.
Many Thanks! Craig M. Seattle, WA. retired Coast Guard 



“two thumbs up, great gift idea”
Practical Sailor magazine"



  • Ejection molded handle
  • Blade Length:3-inch
  • weight: 5-ounces
  • Keen honed cutting edge
  • 440 c stainless steel, Rockwell 58-60
  • Locking marlinspike
  • Length closed: 4 inches
  • National Stock Number 5110-00-530-1757


Hello, My name is Mark Grinder from Arkansas and I am an industrial electrician. I received the marlinspike a birthday gift and I love it! I use the knives I collect and this one is my 1st choice. It’s got a big handle so your hand doesn’t cramp up. A thick blade that takes everything I throw at it and the marlinspike is the best part. I do some rigging at work and rope work as a pastime. The spike has it covered! It also acts as an awl, I clear bolt threads with it, I pry with it and even align equipment bolt patterns. One word for this knife-INDISPENSABLE!”
Mark Grinder, AR

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