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Puncturing open a tube of 3M Marine adhesive sealant 5200

Angle slicing to control the flow of 5200 adhesive 
The 1757 marlinspike is earning its keep on a routine cutting away of old fiberglass and maintenance of the transom prior to applying epoxy to patch
Dear Colonial Knife,                             
I was looking around a Coast Guard Facebook post the other day and saw a reference to the COLONIAL KNIFE USN RIGGER’S knife. As a young kid in the CG, I used my 1757 Marlin Spike continually doing all sorts of jobs the duty officer assigned to me and I had forgotten about that knife and the Marlin Spike, until now, so I purchased the 1757 Marlin Spike. It arrived today! Wow, it sure brings back memories. It looks to be a very high-quality knife for the money, and one I am sure I will use well.
Many Thanks! Craig M. Seattle, WA. retired Coast Guard 

  I have just received my beautiful deck knife model 1757. What a piece of great craftsmanship. In the early 1960s, I had one exactly like it which I bought in Long Beach, California. Although not required, most of us in the 1 Division purchased our own. Leather cases were also available. A Boatswain Mate friend of mine fashioned a "Monkey Fist" for me from a red nylon shot line. The shot line was used in a shotgun to shoot a line to another ship alongside while both were at sea moving along medium speed. I wish to compliment you on this particular knife which is very well made.

Thank you,

John A Breckenridge

USS Preble DLG 15

Pacific Fleet


“two thumbs up, great gift idea”
Practical Sailor magazine"



  • Ejection molded handle
  • Blade Length: 3-inches
  • Blade material 440A Cutlery Stainless Steel
  • Rockwell hardness 56-59 C
  • Weight: 5.4 ounces
  • Keen honed cutting edge, flat ground
  • Marlinspike-locking- 3 5/8-inch long, steel Rockwell hardness 35-45 C
  • Length closed: 4.5 inches
  • National Stock Number 5110-00-530-1757


Hello, My name is Mark Grinder from Arkansas and I am an industrial electrician. I received the marlinspike a birthday gift and I love it! I use the knives I collect and this one is my 1st choice. It’s got a big handle so your hand doesn’t cramp up. A thick blade that takes everything I throw at it and the marlinspike is the best part. I do some rigging at work and rope work as a pastime. The spike has it covered! It also acts as an awl, I clear bolt threads with it, I pry with it and even align equipment bolt patterns. One word for this knife-INDISPENSABLE!”
Mark Grinder, AR

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