5110-00-524-6924 J-knife rescue Dzus Tool - Colonial Knife Corp - 1
5110-00-524-6924 J-knife rescue Dzus Tool - Colonial Knife Corp - 2

5110-00-524-6924 J-knife rescue Dzus Tool

$ 60.00

5110 00 524 6924  J Knife Rescue Tool 

A shaving sharp edge found on some other similar rescue tools slide off the smooth surface of a seat belt and might need to take repeated cuts to cut through the entire width of the seat belt. By changing the approach to the material, you can isolate its weakness. This Colonial Knife strap cutter has two razor sharp edges-instead of trying the belt's broad flat surface, this tool attacks the belt's thick edge by sandwiching it between two blades. 

The Cross Blade Rescue Tool is a very durable and multi functional device. It measures just under 10-inches long and weighs about half a pound. The contoured handle makes it easy to grab and use even in the dark or when disoriented from an accident. With the J-style design, its almost impossible to accidentally get a finger in the blades. Both blades are replaceable and held in place firmly by three Phillips head screws each.

The Cross Blade Rescue Tool cuts through straps and seat belts with little effort. The tip of the tool has a Dzus key tip, which opens Dzus quick-disconnects on aircraft and other vehicles. This tip also doubles as a glass breaking tool.

The Cross Blade Rescue Tool was designed to be used by "First-Responders." It is a perfect tool for the first person on the scene to help remove someone from an accident, breaking the glass or cutting a belt, if necessary. However, it is also a great tool to keep in a vehicle, just in case . In a car accident involving  fire or water, a quick exit may be critical. Having a tool like this in arms reach could be the difference between life and death. A little bonus is that the size and weight could make it great for self-defense, in a pinch. 

The Colonial Knife Fire & Rescue J-style knife has an aluminum handle and two interchangeable carbon steel blades for cutting automobile seat beats and aircraft harness. Handle and cover are highly polished and electrostatic painted. Tip is fitted with Dzus Key used to open emergency hatches on aircraft/military vehicles. Knife cuts 10.000-lb strength webbing with one stroke. Replacement blades available!

Specifications: Model 6924

  • Length: 10"
  • Width: 6"
  • Weight: 8 oz.
  • Meets G.S.A. Specifications National Stock Number 5110-00-524-6924 


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