5110-00-524-6924 J-knife rescue Dzus Tool - Colonial Knife Corp - 1
5110-00-524-6924 J-knife rescue Dzus Tool - Colonial Knife Corp - 2

Colonial Knife

5110-00-524-6924 Knife, Rescue, Meets G.S.A. specifications

$ 37.00

5110 00 524 6924  Knife, Rescue  -  Cage Code 3NZR8 J-knife 

General Characteristics Item Description: Aluminum alloy; v-blade; tip fitted with dzus key for opening aircraft panels; for cutting thru seat belts and other strapping; replaceable blade

 "Designed for use in emergency situations, this tool was developed in close collaboration with rescue and safety professionals"

Federal Supply Code 5110-Hand Tools, Edge Non Power

Date Established January 01,1960

Federal Supply Group 51-Hand Tools

This Colonial Knife J-knife rescue tool prowess comes from its ergonomic design, attacking the thick edge of any materiel by sandwiching it between the two Industrial size razor blades. Blades are replaceable.

Measuring just under 10-inches long the stout half pound lends heft for smashing automotive windows and aircraft canopies. 

The Cross Blade Rescue Tool cuts through straps, rope, line and seat belts with little effort. The tip of the tool has a Dzus key, which opens Dzus quick-disconnects on aircraft and vehicles. 

The Cross Blade Rescue Tool is a perfect tool for the first person on the scene 

Handle and cover are highly polished and electrostatic coated U.S. Coast Guard Rescue Orange.

Specifications: Model 6924

  • Length: 10"
  • Width: 6"
  • Weight: 8 oz.
  • Meets G.S.A. Specifications National Stock Number 5110-00-524-6924 


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